Friday, February 23, 2018

We Need Qualified Moderators

Only Rangers Are Qualified

In order for this Airborne Ranger in th Sky (ARITS) web memorial to work, to fulfill our mission, we need volunteer Qualified Moderators to help us bring in all these biographies.

Q: What's a Qualified Moderator?

A:  A qualified moderator is a Ranger Veteran that is able to weed out the posers and wannabes. You are responsible for vetting the deceased Ranger according to established SOP, then making sure that the Biography for that Airborne Ranger in the Sky is respectful, accurate, and standing tall. The web junk is easy, but you have to be a hard ass about the biography details, because you are upholding ARITS standards. 

Q: Who are these Qualified Moderators ? Why are they so privileged ?

A: No one else is qualified to do this job. Rangers deal with Ranger death and mourning and memorials and sacrifice,  and the Ranger Creed. They can take a bio to the Committee if they need to, but otherwise it's up to them. We trust our Qualified Moderators because all of them are Rangers, and they all apply the same SOPs.

We aren't asking anyone else to honor our Airborne Rangers in the Sky. We can do it better anyway. We will do it the Ranger way.

Q: What are the Qualifications?

1. IF you are a Ranger - Ranger designation SOP here

AND you have

2.   About 4 hours a month to work on this stuff (4 hours a MONTH? Come on ?!?)


3. Access to use a desktop or notebook PC with internet access (as in so many public libraries across our great nation)

you're IN ! You Are A Qualified Moderator!  - Training will be one single 48 minute online session: painless.

... if you can't hack those quals.. FORGET IT!

Now, wasn't that easy?

 Did we mention that it's fun and satisfying and we need you real bad ! ?


HERE is the contact form, be sure to mention Moderator in you message to me, please !