Friday, February 23, 2018

Biography Requirements Header

Here are the Requirements for a Published Biography -  you need to know them to get started :

  • You can START a biography with only the Ranger's FIRST AND LAST NAME.
  • You can SAVE a biography with only the Ranger's FIRST AND LAST NAME.
  • HOWEVER, the biography that you create will ONLY BE  APPROVED & PUBLISHED AFTER YOU COMPLETE IT !
  • And after you gather all of the required info, you can login again and continue working on the biography.
  • You can login and work in it as many times as necessary to complete it, you are welcome here and we need accurate info.
  • We need the most complete information that you can find and provide. Please be thorough in your research.

How to Contribute a Biography

If you know the story of a Ranger that we do not have, you are sincerely invited to contribute that story.

Your Responsibility & Your Agreement

  • The biography that you submit will be your voluntary contribution to this memorial site, and all of the information that you contribute will become part of this permanent memorial site.
  • We expect you to be as accurate and respectful as possible regarding the information that you provide. 
  • Authors of the biographies (that's YOU) remain anonymous on this site, unless you specifically make contact with someone. Be aware and alert, this is the Internet! 

Here are the steps to a successfully published biography:

1. Do your homework, gather the required info, be thorough.

We hope to publish, with each biography:

    1. full name
    2. rank
    3. dob
    4. date of casualty
    5. hometown
    6. several paragraphs of personal and military history
    7. photographs
    8. awards
    9. unit assignments

...of the departed Ranger.

2. Register on the site, membership is free - Register HERE now !

Once registered, you will get a Welcome Email from the site  ( can't find it? LOOK In your spam folder ! )

After you register, make sure that you are logged in to the site.

In the Biographies menu, go to the    _-* Add a Biography *-_   menu item

3. Submit your Ranger's Biography

Some fields are required

Please provide as much information, as many photos and Youtube video as you can find

NOTE: Currently, 20 photos and 1 youtube vid is the default.. IF YOU HAVE MORE, you contact us, we can handle that.

Save your work OFTEN, it's the internet !

4. Wait for the "Published"  OR  the "More Info Requested" email


You may receive follow-up messages that ask you for more specific info. We may put you in touch with your Ranger's  fellow soldiers, to work together in completing the biographical info. This is a colaborative effort, go easy on these people, they have memories and feelings also.


THANK YOU for your willingness to share your Ranger's story.

We appreciate his sacrifice, and the devotion of every family member and associate as well. 

May God Bless our Rangers, each and every one!

Ranger Status Requirements

The departed subject of the biography that you submit must have been

  • Operational member of Ranger unit in WWII, Korea, or Vietnam.
  • Assigned to the modern 1/75, 2/75, 3/75, the Ranger Regiment or RSTB.
  • OR
  • Graduated from Ranger School

THIS is the page that specifies the SOP for this requirement.

Please read it and ask us any questions that you need to, we want everyone to undertand the requirements.

The biographies on this site honor Rangers. These are the requirements.

We are glad to consider every situation, but these are requirements so that we can honor our Brothers. Thanks for your understanding. 


HELP Files for Biography Authors

We are building a Manual to help you create a proper Biography of your Airborne Ranger in the Sky.

Here is a flow chart that might help you to undertand the steps involved.

CLICK on this image for LARGER VIEW

AUTHOR BIO Process Flow 002


Click HERE to download this flow chart as a .PDF (so that you can print it !)