Friday, February 23, 2018


We are terrifically thankful to everyone that has contributed to the Airborne Ranger in the Sky Project.

There's always lots to do and plenty to pay for, so it is a never-ending Mission, but we love it and believe in it.

Site Contributors

Here's an incomplete list of the folks that have given us their time and/or donations.

Name State Background Info   Unit and Role  
Daniel Becker  Indiana Former 3/75 Ranger and now working as Indiana State Police midnight post commander, Auctioneer and Vol. Fire Chief.  I think this project is a great way to honor our Fallen brothers.    SP4  Grenadier then asst M-60 gunner, C Co. 3/75 1987-1990 Operation Just Cause  
Matthew Bushong          
Frank Companaro          
Rudy DelValle          
Jay Erwin          
Ishmael Finn          
Sergiao Machado          
Sue Peney          
Eddie Shrote          
Jayson Taylor  Ohio  Lawyer    3rd Ptn, A Co, 1/75th Ranger Bn.  
Dan Woodward          



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