Ranger Gravesite Locator

We have a new feature on Airborne Ranger in the Sky !

The Ranger Gravesite Locator is based on data collected by Sergeant Major Scott Stetson (Retired), and he has graciously allowed us to publish it here.

We are also privileged to be in collaboration with the creators of the RangersRemembered.com website, which has the biogrpahies of all of the Rangers killed in action during the Global War on Terror (GWOT) era.  You will see links around our site reminding  you to please visit RangersRemembered also.

Fighting SPAM Every Single Day

Why on earth the spammers feel the need to post on our site (or ANY site ?) is quite beyond me.

I have spent my entire career trying to make computing and networks more efficent.

I consider spamming and other malicious web activity to be a form of digital terrorism, and if it were up to me, I'd simply exterminate all spammers and hackers and be done with them.

That sounds harsh, but you cannot imagine the numbers of hours/days/months that I have expended in the effort to remove and prevent spam.

ANYWAY, I have found a very successful anti-spam software component, one that is inexpensive, efficient, and has excellent technical support.

CleanTalk.org is run by the folks that developed and maintain the software plugin.

You simply subscribe, plug the software into your site, and then watch as the reports indicate how many sorthless spam comments were NOT left on your website.

It's a blessing and I am very thankful for the software, but also for the really excellent and timely technical support that is provided.

Plese feel free to ask me any questions about the software and our relationship with the developers.


Thanks very much to Denis and the entire staff at CleanTalk.org !

Cosmetics and Software

We're adjusting the look a bit, and changing the front page software some too.

We still need a tabbed Ranger to tell their Ranger Schoool story, and a scroll Ranger to tell their story.

AND we need a mustard stain holder and a CIB holder to write the 3 paragraphs for that.

You can be anonymous if you want.





Testing a few new display capabilities

We have some updated toolset for database display, and we hope to be able to provide more information about the Biographies.

Here is one example:


COL William Darby208539
SGT Aaron Barr214551
SGT Thomas Macpherson215553
SGT Jonathan Peney220571
SPC Thomas Duncan222576
CPL Ryan McGhee223578
LTC William Bowers224580
PV1 Robert Bridges225582
SFC Marcus Muralles 226584
CPL Andrew Chris227586
SGT Dominick Pilla228588
CPL Benjamin Dillon229591
CPT Kyle Comfort230593
SGT Alessandro Plutino231595
1SG Harvey Moore232597
SPC Bradley Rappuhn234601
SGT Michael O’Neill235603
CSM Robert Gallagher236608
SPC Jeremy Bird237612
SGT Jonathan Peney238615
CPL Matthew Commons239617
CSM Jan Schalavin241628
SGT Roberto Sanchez242630
SGT Steven Ganczewski243632
SSG Kevin Pape244634
CPL Patrick Tillman245638
SSG Anthony Davis246640
SFC Kristoffer Domeij247642
SPC Lance Lobenthal248644
SPC Ryan Garbs249646
SFC Richard Herrema250648
SSG Daniel Busch251650
MSG Joshua Wheeler252652
SFC Trevor Diesing253654
SSG Gary Dunklin254656
SFC Obediah Kolath255658
MSG William Chief Carlson256660
SPC Robert Law257665
SPC Ricardo Cerros258668
MSG Gary Gordon259675
SFC Randall Shugart260677
SFC Matthew Rierson261679
SFC Timothy Griz Martin262681
SPC Tony Barela264684
SSG Michael Ollis265686
SGT Kelly Prince266690
SGT Bradley Crose267692
SGM Tyson Nick268694
SFC Terry Gilden269696
MSG Michael McNulty270698
SGT Joel Clarkson271700
SSG James (Jimmy) Patton272702
SGT Tanner Higgins273704
SSG Gilbert Horn275707
SFC Aaron Grider276709
SFC David McDowell277711
MSG Aubrey Batts278713
SFC Earl Fillmore279715
COL John Keneally280717
SFC David Swires282721
1SG Bill Siercks283723
MAJ Tom Greer284725
SFC David McDowell 285729
PV2 Jake Parker286733

Technical Notes for ARITS

 I'm writing these notes to make visitors and users of this site aware of the effort and strategies that went into the construction of this site. It's our hope that this operating model and perhaps even this combination of software will be duplicated to create other memorial web sites, for other branches and units of the military and others as well.

In my career working with computer hardware, software, and networking since 1983, one phrase has rung true the entire time:
"If it was easy, fun, or cheap, everyone would do it!" 


I. A modern site

A modern web site has to:

- be fast
- have minimum text
- work on mobile devices as well as desktop computers
- be fun
- be easy to maintain
- have fresh content every week, at least
- be connected to social media
- have enough graphical "eye-candy" to engage the viewer, but not too much

II. A "crowd-sourced" site

This means that we do not write much of the content, we rely upon site visitors to write it for us.
It's a fairly recent method of collaboration made possible by internet technologies.
Site visitors eventually take great pride in contributing content, and indeed much of the Moderation will also be done by site members.

And we get much higher quality content because the people who care about the material are posting it here themselves.

A crowd sourced site must

- have really good security
- have solid process flow
- workable procedures built in and some flexibility also
- easy to create forms
- easily manageable permissions, down to granular levels

III. A Memorial Site

A site that intends to be a respectful memorial to the departed needs to

- maintain a given level of respect
- be forthright and not dance around issues like death and injury
- be compassionate
- listen to the families and friends of the departed
- be a long term resource that will server multiple generations reliably
- be technically and emotionally accessible to people of all backgrounds, skill levels, and ages
- not be so somber and depressing as to turn people off
- be interesting enough that even people with no connection at all are visiting
- keep the memories of these men alive

In the next installment, I'll discuss the modular nature of Joomal and what software extensions have been used here to accomplish the above.


ARITS Site Security Issues

The inherent security of Joomla v3.x (the software that this site is built upon) is pretty good to start with.

We detect and repel certain types of malicious web activity 24x7, to protect against script kiddies and other scumbag hackers.

Whenever a new user registers on the site, their IP address, name, and email address are recorded with their user account, so that we can, if it becomes necessary, completely block access to the site based on a specific IP Address, or a range of addresses.

We hope that it's never necesary to do so, but hey, this IS the internet, after all.

IF YOU GET LOCKED OUT, for whatever reason, please send us an email, and we'll help you get it resolved.

Thanks! - Kent Morrison, ARITS.org web site developer

Biography Author's HELP Files Being Created

We are working on a Manual for the AUthors of ARITS Biographies, to help you get all of the details correct.

Here is the first component of this manual, it's a a flow chart to help you undertand the steps involved in the process of creation and editing a bipography.

CLICK on this image for LARGER VIEW

AUTHOR BIO Process Flow 002

Click HERE to download this flow chart as a .PDF (so that you can print it !)

This flow chart appears on the How to Contribute a Biography page.


JUN 20 2014 update

I just realized that the biography form needs at least 3 URL fields for the web links that folks might have to various local newspaper and other references.

We can use these URLs to build iframes, in which we could usually display that external content within our template environment.

Of course we will give full credit to the source, and provide  a link.


Site is close to release, but there are many pages that need content from the new members.

These pages, that link from the sidebar modules:     airborne, ranger, scroll, CIB

They need someone with those experiences to write them.

Hopefully, that's what we're building, the site where people can tell the stories.


MON Morning JUNE 16 2014

ARITS Update for MON Morning JUNE 16 2014

WARNING ORDER - ARITS soft launch imminent

We are going for a "soft launch" of the ARITS site within the next week.

TIMELINE EDITORS  -  Please get one or two more events posted ASAP, if you can?

ALL Volunteers - Please REGISTER on the site, if you have not ?

I'll be removing all TEST Biographies  and publishing several actual Airborne Ranger in the Sky bios.
We may still need to occasionally post a test biography, to check a new bio template or form method,
but there will be a core group of real stories to begin our actual memorial archive.

ANY comments on the site content or the site navigation are very welcome, send them along please.

Kent Morrison

ARITS.org News for June 12 2014

The Search feature is very cool!

Search the Biographies

It searches in only the Category called Biographies, for any search string

you can put in "joe" or "ed" or "75" or "2/75" or just about any string that is in any of the stories.

This will be HUGE when we have real Biographies  and folks want to find a specific item.


And I have been cleaning up and trying to get ready for the soft launch of the site.

Frank : Thanks for the copy editing, I think I have the wording in the HOWTOs pretty close.

We do need A LOT of pages fleshed out with a personal story about:

1. airborne school

2. ranger school

3. service in a Ranger unit

4. the CIB

...that's all for now!

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