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March 17 2014 News for ARITS Development

I've had several significant breakthroughs today. They may seem small but they took skull sweat to accomplish.

darby 02But before I list those, here is the Darby Bio Mockup that Karl requested, to show the GallantFew board what we are up to.

It's not exactly how the final bio pages will look, but it does give us a "what-if" to shoot at.


Breakthrough #1

The other day Karl asked me if we couldn't take the "Rank" + "First Name' + "Last Name" fields and concatenate them to form the Article Title. This meant also hiding the "Title" field altogether.

Before, we were making the article author enter these fields separately AND enter the Title as "Rank" + "First Name' + "Last Name".

SO, it was not as easy as it should probably have been, but it's doable and it's done.

When you enter those three fields in the form, a special plugin grabs them, gloms them together, and punches them into the database as the Article Title.

You'll just have to try it to see what I mean.

 old button

Breakthrough #2

This one is so seemingly trivial as to be ridiculous, but here goes:

All of the buttons in the biography entry form were WHITE letters on WHITE buttons with a slight gray drop-shadow.

new buttonThey were almost impssible to read.

Short story: FIxed That! (took almost an HOUR to find the damn CSS styling for this silly button.)



I'll be continuing to style the site pages with the colors of the DIstinctive Insignia / Unit Crest.



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