Thursday, December 14, 2017


Ranger Units pull down list

Filling in the sub-units was time consuming, but had a real good base list provided by Jayson (thanks!) to build the following units list for the pull-down in the Add A Biography Form.

Choosing one of these from this list is REQUIRED, and then there are non-required fields for Sub Unit (if known) and Other Units

NOTE: there is some HTML flapping aro9und in this lsit down there, that I did not clean out. It's not all wierd like that in the actual list. Read around it please.



Select PRIMARY Ranger Unit (REQUIRED)
1_75_Ranger_Bn - 1 / 75th Ranger Bn
2_75_Ranger_Bn - 2 / 75th Ranger Bn
3_75_Ranger_Bn - 3 / 75th Ranger Bn
4_75_RTB - 4th Bn 75th Ranger Training Brigade
5_75_RTB - 5th Bn 75th Ranger Training Brigade
6_75_RTB - 6th Bn 75th Ranger Training Brigade
5307_Composite_Unit - 5307th Composite (Merrill's Marauders, WWII)
Alamo_Scouts - Alamo Scouts (WWII)
29th_Ranger_Bn - 29th Ranger Bn (WWII)
8th_Army_Ranger_Co - 8th Army Ranger Co (Korean War)
GHQ_Raider_Co_Korea - GHQ Raider Co (Korean War)
X_Corps_Raider_Co - X Corps Raider Co (Korean War)
1st_Ranger_Co_Korea - 1st Ranger Co (Korean War)
2nd_Ranger_Co_Korea - 2nd Ranger Co (Korean War)
3rd_Ranger_Co_Korea - 3rd Ranger Co (Korean War)
4th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 4th Ranger Co (Korean War)
5th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 5th Ranger Co (Korean War)
6th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 6th Ranger Co (Korean War)
7th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 7th Ranger Co (Korean War)
8th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 8th Ranger Co (Korean War)
9th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 9th Ranger Co (Korean War)
10th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 10th Ranger Co (Korean War)
11th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 11th Ranger Co (Korean War)
12th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 12th Ranger Co (Korean War)
13th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 13th Ranger Co (Korean War)
14th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 14th Ranger Co (Korean War)
15th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 15th Ranger Co (Korean War)
Ranger_Able_Co_Korea - Ranger Infantry Company Able "A" (Korean War)
Ranger_B_Co_Korea - Ranger Infantry Company Baker "B" (Korean War)
8th_Army_8000_Series - 8th Army "8000 Series" Rangers (Korean War)
A_Co_1_75_Vietnam - A Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
B_Co_1_75_Vietnam - B Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
C_Co_1_75_Vietnam - C Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
D_Co_1_75_Vietnam - D Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
E_Co_1_75_Vietnam - E Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
F_Co_1_75_Vietnam - F Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
G_Co_1_75_Vietnam - G Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
H_Co_1_75_Vietnam - H Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
I_Co_1_75_Vietnam - I Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
K_Co_1_75_Vietnam - K Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
L_Co_1_75_Vietnam - L Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
M_Co_1_75_Vietnam - M Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
N_Co_1_75_Vietnam - N Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
O_Co_1_75_Vietnam - O Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
P_Co_1_75_Vietnam - P Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
ARVN_Ranger_Unit - Rep. Vietnam Ranger Unit (Vietnam War)
E_65th_Inf_Ranger - E/65th Infantry Rangers (Vietnam War)
D_151st_Inf_Ranger - D/151st Infantry Rangers (Vietnam War)
A_75th_V_Corps - A/75th Rangers V Corps (Vietnam War)
B_75th_VII_Corps - B/75th Rangers VII Corps (Vietnam War)




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