Tuesday, January 16, 2018


June 7th Changes

Here are the most recent changes for ARITS:


Per conversation with Karl Monger, several significant changes have been made:


REGISTRATION process flow

Easier to Register on the site - NO ACTIVATION RESPONSE REQUIRED

Activation email is sent, with username and password


AUTHORIZATION is easier and faster

ALL Registered users can immediately begin and continue editing the biographies they create - WITH NO AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED

Registered users can SAVE and then later EDIT the biographies they create, to allow them to go and gather the required information

This means that a biography can be saved with ONLY First and Last Name, but of course will not be approved until complete.


Biography publishing

No biographies will be approved or published without complete info





# kent 2014-06-07 17:06
This makes one streamlined action(s) that let a new registered user add a biography immediately.

We should consider email invitiations that have the full list of required info, so some folks arrive with info prepared.
Others will arrive, register, read, go do homework, and return with full info to submit for publishing.
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