Friday, December 15, 2017

Search News for June 12 2014

The Search feature is very cool!

Search the Biographies

It searches in only the Category called Biographies, for any search string

you can put in "joe" or "ed" or "75" or "2/75" or just about any string that is in any of the stories.

This will be HUGE when we have real Biographies  and folks want to find a specific item.


And I have been cleaning up and trying to get ready for the soft launch of the site.

Frank : Thanks for the copy editing, I think I have the wording in the HOWTOs pretty close.

We do need A LOT of pages fleshed out with a personal story about:

1. airborne school

2. ranger school

3. service in a Ranger unit

4. the CIB

...that's all for now!

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