Tuesday, January 16, 2018


ARITS Site Security Issues

The inherent security of Joomla v3.x (the software that this site is built upon) is pretty good to start with.

We detect and repel certain types of malicious web activity 24x7, to protect against script kiddies and other scumbag hackers.

Whenever a new user registers on the site, their IP address, name, and email address are recorded with their user account, so that we can, if it becomes necessary, completely block access to the site based on a specific IP Address, or a range of addresses.

We hope that it's never necesary to do so, but hey, this IS the internet, after all.

IF YOU GET LOCKED OUT, for whatever reason, please send us an email, and we'll help you get it resolved.

Thanks! - Kent Morrison, ARITS.org web site developer

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