June 7th Changes

Here are the most recent changes for ARITS:


Per conversation with Karl Monger, several significant changes have been made:


REGISTRATION process flow

Easier to Register on the site - NO ACTIVATION RESPONSE REQUIRED

Activation email is sent, with username and password


AUTHORIZATION is easier and faster

ALL Registered users can immediately begin and continue editing the biographies they create - WITH NO AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED

Registered users can SAVE and then later EDIT the biographies they create, to allow them to go and gather the required information

This means that a biography can be saved with ONLY First and Last Name, but of course will not be approved until complete.


Biography publishing

No biographies will be approved or published without complete info




Biographies are now Youtube Video capable

As of this morning (MAY 28 2014)

the Add A A Biography form that registered members use to create a new biography supports Youtube Videos along with the text and photograph upload fields.

This allows a video about the departed Ranger to be added to the biography, with no additional steps involved.


We are working on ways to extend this same capability to include other cloud based video hosting services (VIMEO, as one example)

AS WELL AS including FLICKR and other types of online photo galleries.

We welcome your commetns about the usefulness of this and the types of cloud media services that you might actually use. 

HERE is a link to an example (TEST) biography that has such a video included within it.

Donation widgestuff

Several different directions today (04_10_2014)

New team members and EVERYONE: PLEASE get your INTRO EMAIL back to Kent. THIS IS WHY (name, state, two sent. about why you are here, unit if any)


  • I think we farmed out the image pre-processing for the AWARDS images to Dan Becker's associate.
    • That will help me to avoid some hours of graphics tweaking and keep on the basic workflow (Thanks Dan and Tim!)
  • I asked the Timeline software developer some pretty important Qs, lets see how that goes...
  • Built the basic CREDITS page
  • Working with Dan Woodward to get the donation widgets standardized. Thank you Dan!

The ARITS specific donation thingy can go:

1. in an article, like this

2. in a module on the side over there

3. in the breadcrumb bar (did you notice?)

4. just about anywhere


Can you help Support ARITS? GallantFew Trusts this Online donation system by Click&Pledge title=Can you help Support ARITS? GallantFew Trusts this Online donation system by Click&Pledge


so Dan I might try to wrap/iframe that second link you gave me and use this (above button) in every spot for "support ARITS"

I promise to get you a header image as soon as we have a logo. Until then, your existing header on the ARITS specific donation page is perfect, clean and simple.

 OH yeah, to answer your question, we can use a local image for the button also, for sure. I've got some stock images to use, but have not created a custom "give" button for ARITS yet.

I think your ClicknPledge 3D button with that eye-catching arrow phase change is perfect, frankly.

We will make that button the "goal" of a Google Analytics campaign.

Thanks to ALL, good planning, good process, good outcome.

Updates to Ranger Unit list

I have to thank Jayson again, he saved me from being mauled by WWII Rangers who got left off the incomplete list.

Have added:

1st Bn Rangers (WWII)


6th Bn Rangers (WWII)

... DUH !

Would apprecaite any other updates/ edits / corrections that anyone notices

Please us THIS contact or the comments below on this article

Site Security

Just finished adding a very solid set of tools to "harden" the site against hackers, script kiddies,  and other commie scum.

Anyone that tries to hack into this site will find themselves blocked until the year 2032.

Please let me know if you  see something broken on the site, the security/permissions are pretty severe and might break something unless I make that specific exception.

Automatic daily backups are also a part of this configuration.


Ranger Units pull down list

Filling in the sub-units was time consuming, but had a real good base list provided by Jayson (thanks!) to build the following units list for the pull-down in the Add A Biography Form.

Choosing one of these from this list is REQUIRED, and then there are non-required fields for Sub Unit (if known) and Other Units

NOTE: there is some HTML flapping aro9und in this lsit down there, that I did not clean out. It's not all wierd like that in the actual list. Read around it please.



Select PRIMARY Ranger Unit (REQUIRED)
1_75_Ranger_Bn - 1 / 75th Ranger Bn
2_75_Ranger_Bn - 2 / 75th Ranger Bn
3_75_Ranger_Bn - 3 / 75th Ranger Bn
4_75_RTB - 4th Bn 75th Ranger Training Brigade
5_75_RTB - 5th Bn 75th Ranger Training Brigade
6_75_RTB - 6th Bn 75th Ranger Training Brigade
5307_Composite_Unit - 5307th Composite (Merrill's Marauders, WWII)
Alamo_Scouts - Alamo Scouts (WWII)
29th_Ranger_Bn - 29th Ranger Bn (WWII)
8th_Army_Ranger_Co - 8th Army Ranger Co (Korean War)
GHQ_Raider_Co_Korea - GHQ Raider Co (Korean War)
X_Corps_Raider_Co - X Corps Raider Co (Korean War)
1st_Ranger_Co_Korea - 1st Ranger Co (Korean War)
2nd_Ranger_Co_Korea - 2nd Ranger Co (Korean War)
3rd_Ranger_Co_Korea - 3rd Ranger Co (Korean War)
4th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 4th Ranger Co (Korean War)
5th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 5th Ranger Co (Korean War)
6th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 6th Ranger Co (Korean War)
7th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 7th Ranger Co (Korean War)
8th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 8th Ranger Co (Korean War)
9th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 9th Ranger Co (Korean War)
10th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 10th Ranger Co (Korean War)
11th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 11th Ranger Co (Korean War)
12th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 12th Ranger Co (Korean War)
13th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 13th Ranger Co (Korean War)
14th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 14th Ranger Co (Korean War)
15th_Ranger_Co_Korea - 15th Ranger Co (Korean War)
Ranger_Able_Co_Korea - Ranger Infantry Company Able "A" (Korean War)
Ranger_B_Co_Korea - Ranger Infantry Company Baker "B" (Korean War)
8th_Army_8000_Series - 8th Army "8000 Series" Rangers (Korean War)
A_Co_1_75_Vietnam - A Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
B_Co_1_75_Vietnam - B Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
C_Co_1_75_Vietnam - C Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
D_Co_1_75_Vietnam - D Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
E_Co_1_75_Vietnam - E Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
F_Co_1_75_Vietnam - F Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
G_Co_1_75_Vietnam - G Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
H_Co_1_75_Vietnam - H Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
I_Co_1_75_Vietnam - I Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
K_Co_1_75_Vietnam - K Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
L_Co_1_75_Vietnam - L Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
M_Co_1_75_Vietnam - M Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
N_Co_1_75_Vietnam - N Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
O_Co_1_75_Vietnam - O Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
P_Co_1_75_Vietnam - P Co 1/75th Rangers (Vietnam War)
ARVN_Ranger_Unit - Rep. Vietnam Ranger Unit (Vietnam War)
E_65th_Inf_Ranger - E/65th Infantry Rangers (Vietnam War)
D_151st_Inf_Ranger - D/151st Infantry Rangers (Vietnam War)
A_75th_V_Corps - A/75th Rangers V Corps (Vietnam War)
B_75th_VII_Corps - B/75th Rangers VII Corps (Vietnam War)




Front Page Slider

After trying out several different software extensions that use our biographies to load up  a sliding display element, I think I like the one currently in use.

It allows us to use a good quality image, It loads the latest first and has an auto-play that isn't too ugly. The shaded intro text display is kind of classy, I think.

I'll be working on what goes below that slider now, base don our objectives for the site.


DOES THIS SLIDER WORK ON YOUR SMART PHONE? (leave a comment below please)


Here is the slider as an imbedded module in this article:



Automatic Watermarks for Photos

As you can see from this (TEST) biography,

TEST BIO HERE - and ANOTHER that looks a little different

When you click the photo thumbnails, and the large photo is displayed,

it has a WATERMARK on it that says

Photo from ARITS.org

Not for re-use ANYWHERE


This may not keep them from stealing photos, but it does make it more inconvenient for them to re-use.

BEst case for photo thieves is that thye have to crop that watermark out of the image.

This is more in keeping with our philosophy of discouraging content thieves.

Latest Site Changes - 04/01/2014 no foolin


The menu structure has been modified,

  • Legal Stuff is now under the HOME menu.
  • Biographies now has a HOWTO submenu, and nested under it are How To Contribute a Biogrpahy and Be a Moderator
  • Nested these under Why?/Ranger Culture and REMOVED the Main Menu Ranger Culture menu item
    • Ranger Creed
    • Airborne Wings
    • Ranger Tab 
    • Ranger Scroll



Added the Ranger Culture articles for:

  • Ranger Creed
  • Airborne Wings
  • Ranger Tab 
  • Ranger Scroll

(these are basically placeholder articles waiting for the content)


Legal Stuff

Was editied to include the most recent updates to the Privacy / Security elements as directed by Committee discussion.

Also, the tabbed format for the Legal Stuff works to get all that yap into one single page without scrolling to China.


...More Tomorrow !





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