Developing the recruiting for Moderators

In an effort to SPELL IT OUT to the folks that we need to recruit as volunteers, I'm working on 


It's a bit cheezsy, I admit.

Kick me, it's late at night and I've got a beverage in me.

Is this the proper general direction, or should I be doing it differently?



right down there, type in your comments. do it.

Side modules

The side modules that are now appearing various places aorund the site are intended to :

- break up the visual space and navigation pace

- call attention to other areas of the site

- get us more of the Dinstinctive Insignia colors

Please send me an email and tell me what other side modules we need ?

contact link here

March 17 2014 News for ARITS Development

I've had several significant breakthroughs today. They may seem small but they took skull sweat to accomplish.

darby 02But before I list those, here is the Darby Bio Mockup that Karl requested, to show the GallantFew board what we are up to.

It's not exactly how the final bio pages will look, but it does give us a "what-if" to shoot at.


Breakthrough #1

The other day Karl asked me if we couldn't take the "Rank" + "First Name' + "Last Name" fields and concatenate them to form the Article Title. This meant also hiding the "Title" field altogether.

Before, we were making the article author enter these fields separately AND enter the Title as "Rank" + "First Name' + "Last Name".

SO, it was not as easy as it should probably have been, but it's doable and it's done.

When you enter those three fields in the form, a special plugin grabs them, gloms them together, and punches them into the database as the Article Title.

You'll just have to try it to see what I mean.

 old button

Breakthrough #2

This one is so seemingly trivial as to be ridiculous, but here goes:

All of the buttons in the biography entry form were WHITE letters on WHITE buttons with a slight gray drop-shadow.

new buttonThey were almost impssible to read.

Short story: FIxed That! (took almost an HOUR to find the damn CSS styling for this silly button.)



I'll be continuing to style the site pages with the colors of the DIstinctive Insignia / Unit Crest.



Images for Rank

I just go through converting all of the rank images, which I stole like a vagrant sleeze from the US Army web site (THANKS webdev Chain of Command!), into tranparent .png files so that they appear cleanly against the site background in the Intro and the biography.

1LTI could have written a script, but doing them all by hand only took 87% of the time that would have required.

CW3Anyway, they are done and the bio main and intro templates are updated to use them,

SSGCOLMSGThe TEST bio on Beau Gustaffson is the first one that has the trans png in the main.


ToDo List

These are the things that I think can be done with this data now, on this site.

Please add to this list as you see fit.

- A supersort page that would let users view the bios as sorted by

  • date of birth or death
  • hometown
  • rank
  • basically any field that we gather in the forms

- Geolocation of the hometown and the place of death, using a map with (at least) two separate marker types on each bio page

- Then a map of all the bios collected, with above markers

- Display the FLICKR, PICASA, and PANORAMIO photos of contributors

- Display the Youtube and VIMEO vidoes of contributors

- Present the SOUNDCLOUD audio of contributors 

- More to come...

Progress on the Crowdsourcing forms

This site is really crowdsourcing the main content.

It will be contributed by the familes and friends of Airborne Rangers in the Sky.

To accomplish that it must have a solid mechanism, good forms, a really effective way for people to put in this very sensitive and somber information.

Main goals for this input mechanism are:

  • Easy to use
  • Clean interface, no clutter
  • Respectful and accurate
  • Fast and functional on all sorts of web connected systems


SO, here we go !

  1. To see the input form and how it renders a biography, use the Login menu to Create an Account
  2. After you are registered, login
  3. Go to the Biographies menu and notice that you can now access Add a Biography
  4. Only registered members can get this far, and we will have SOP for who gets in and who deos not.
  5. The white button on the far left, NEW is the one to click.
  6. Fill in the blanks and submit the (TEST) biography, and I'll approve it ASAP so you can see your work.
  7. It will let you upload photos and paste in text, as well as a few fields that are pull-down lists.
  8. That's how it will work, but pehaps a bit prettier and with more refinements.

Comments? NO! I haven't set that up yet...




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