Thursday, December 14, 2017

Ranger Status SOP

This SOP was developed ... make the process of designating a Ranger to be included in the Airborne Ranger in the Sky ( web site straightforward and applicable by any ARITS Moderator without risk of Rangers getting left out, or having to mess with pesky posers or snivellers.

It was not developed for any other purpose, person, group, or project. Anyone that uses this SOP for something other than a directly ARITS related activity (without our express permission, of course) can hug a root. Who in their right mind would misappropriate something that Rangers find value in?

ARITS Ranger Status SOP

  • All persons are not Rangers, no matter how much they fling the word around.
  • The designation Ranger, for purposes of this Airborne Ranger in the Sky (ARITS) web site, is meant to specifically exclude any other use of the word that does not refer to the following definition, including but not limited to: Forest Ranger; Wildlife Ranger; Park Ranger; sports teams; etc. No disrespect at all to those worthy and skilled professions. This ain't them.
  • When we say someone is a Ranger, the qualifications are pretty straightforward:
      • 1. Either they served in a Ranger unit. (how to verify this)
      • OR
      • 2. They are Ranger qualified because they graduated from Ranger School. (how to verify this)
  • Many Rangers hold both of the above qualifications. Many more fulfill one or the other.
  • When we use the title Ranger on this Airborne Ranger in the Sky (ARITS) web site, we specifically mean (see above qualifications), and no other.
  • That's what it takes. No exceptions. (Our Moderator Commitee does review any appeals, We're trying to publish our dead buddies' bios here, OK?)
  • Any Ranger (SEE Above Definition) that is no longer living qualifies to have his biography on this site. Circumstances of death are not a qualifying criteria. We love all Rangers and this site honors all Airborne Rangers in the Sky.

It's simple, really.

  • Ranger Families come here and register and put their Ranger's stories on here.
  • We keep this system running and try to help Rangers.
  • You read it and understand that these supermen, these Warriors, these men are all someone's Husband, Son, Father, Brother, fellow Troop.
  • Sponsors help us to do all that. Not for logos or exposure, but out of respect.

God Bless our Airborne Rangers in the Sky