Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is This Airborne Ranger in the Sky Web Site All About?

We are here to :

Recognize and honor Rangers of any era that have gone to the Patrol Base in the Sky

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Who is Behind This ARITS Web Site Project?

The Airborne Ranger in the Sky project is an activity of


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Who Writes All of These Biographies?

People just like you that remember a departed Ranger and want to honor him.

Family, friends, co-workers, fellow Rangers, and volunteers.

How Can I Submit a Biography?

Here are the Steps

  1. Register on this site (Create an Account) HERE
  2. Login to the site (Main Menu / Login) HERE
  3. THEN Use the (Main Menu / Biographies / Add Biography menu) HERE

Read this page for a more complete overview of the process

How Can I Be a Biography Moderator ?

Please read THIS page to find out how to help us by becoming a Qualified Moderator

NOTE: Only Rangers are accepted as Qualified Moderators

How Can I Fix an Error in a Biography ?


Login to your membership on this web site, go to the Biographies menu, and choose "Edit Existing Biography"


  • The ADD and EDIT menu items are only visible when you are logged in !
  • You may only edit a biography that you created.
  • Click HERE to send us a message about an error in a biography which you did not create.

How Can IAdd My Memories or Photos to a Biography ?

We are working on this...

Who Is Eligible for a Biography Here ?

Must be a US Army Ranger according to this SOP.
Must be no longer living, and deceased due to any circumstances.

Why Can't My Veteran Have a Biography Here Too ?

We developed this site specifically for Airborne Rangers, only.
If you would like to sponsor development of a separate, similar web site, please contact us.